LEXPERT is not only a collection of attorneys, economists or tax and management consultants, headquartered in Suceava and working in parallel with three regional offices.  LEXPERT means interdisciplinary teams conceived to make performances reported to the client’s needs. LEXPERT is devoted to the outsourcing services concept, defined as a business strategy in order to externalize operations adjacent to business by specialized teams in order to benefit from the advantages of cost reduction, of improving the access to specialized resources and to those connected to risk transfer.

     We prefer to focus on a narrow area of activity detrimental to diversification, where we believe we can bring efficiency and added value to our clients.

     Consequent to legal management strategy, LEXPERT has been recognized in the previous 5 years between the top 10 legal integrated professional services companies nationwide.

    In the 10 years of existence, LEXPERT made an honor duty of developing the sense of corporate responsibility and promoted the concept among partners.

    We actively support pro-bono some foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations to which we are members: